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My name is Don Campbell. I have had the privilege to be part of the evolution of image capturing, starting with a Ricoflex twin lens reflex through the development of the pentaprism in smaller format (35mm) cameras to the coming of age of the digital image. My Ricoflex was stolen, but I still have my 1967 Pentax Spotmatic, a series of other SLR film cameras, and a few of the rapidly evolving point-and-shoot digital cameras leading up to the 4 that were used for most of the photographs on this website. The earliest were with a Pentax K10D and a K20D, followed by a Nikon D700 and most recently a Nikon D4.

As a teen I learned to develop film, which lead directly to my first job as a lab operator and then cinematographer/photographer. I used a matt in the viewfinder of my 6x6 Rico camera to shoot 35mm slides, and shot commercials, news film and documentaries for a television station in the Okanagan Valley during its formative years. At university I worked as a photographer for the Totem, the campus yearbook, which had a wonderful darkroom. In my 3rd year I became Editor in Chief. My successor was Scott McIntyre, who had worked with me, and made radical changes to his edition, all of them improvements. Not long after graduation he became a founding partner of the prestigious Douglas & McIntyre, one of Canada's outstanding book publishers.

In 1965 I produced and shot a multimedia production on the construction of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. Jim Morrison played a major role in the production and became a partner when we formed Citation Productions in Vancouver. a few years later I moved to Calgary to design and run a film program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and in addition used photography to teach composition to television students. Jim went on to found his current love, Morrison Productions, a respected video production company in Vancouver. I was a founding member of the Alberta Television and News Photographers' Association, and we organized and hosted conferences and workshops, and produced an award-winning monthly newsletter.

Along the way I earned a pair of Broadcast Diplomas (BCIT and SAIT) and a Master's Degree in Film at York University. My life has been filled with my love for the arts, and I now divide my time between music, as band leader for Estelle's Choice (performing the background song on the opening slide show page), and as a photographer. My wife and I travel, and carry 2 cameras each, an SLR and a point-and-shoot. Every evening when travelling we download our cards onto a pair of external hard drives. Val makes outstanding coffee table books and videos of our trips, and I focus more on collections by subject and theme. The outcome is this website. Feedback is welcome, and can be sent via the Contact page. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay!