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Basenji, Calgary, attitude, endurance, focus, heart, independence, loving, stamina, spirit, "Lure Coursing", "Field Champion Ex", FChX,Basenjis, companions, friends, dogs, pair,Kito in full strideAre You Sure You Don't Want to Play?Be Careful What You Wish For, SaidaIMG_8095(rev 0)20070401_0048The Best Muscles are Stretched MusclesSaida in ChargeOn Guard at the GateA Little Snow Won't Stop Me!Basenjis, playful, snowfall, Kito, tricolor, tricolour, Canada, Alberta, Canada, dogs, pets,IMGP2363Our Magnificent Boy!Basenji, Basenjis, canine, pets, dogs, obedience,summit, peak, "top of the world", "elevated view", dominance, dominant, "top dog",Keeping an Eye on the Back YardAlert GuardianIMG_1331Room for One

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