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Moonrise, landscape, "magic hour", "blue and amber light" "after sunset", calm, peaceful, Antarctica, Ice-flows, "ice flows", "mountain cloud", mountains, clouds, cloud, "calm water", reflection,Iceberg, Antarctica, "sunshine breaks gloom", expedition, "National Geographic Expedition", "National Geographic Photographic Expedition", calm, peace,Antarctica, summer, mountains, glaciers, reflection, clouds, calm, "dead calm",Antarctica, calm, hazy, deteriorating, melting, longevity, snow, ice, cold, summer,Antarctica, iceberg, calm, reflection, sunset, calm, peaceful,ANT_6631_MNM9233Sunrise in South GeorgiaANT_5147ANT_6973ANT_6979ANT_7108ANT_5837ANT_5076 (1)ANT_5088ANT_6272ANT_6279ANT_6274ANT_6925Chocolate Milk Milky Way

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