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AFR_1368Chicago, tour, gangsters, untouchables,CBA_8482"souvenir vendons", Uglich, "Yaraslavl oblast", women,France, restaurant, cuban, "fish and chips", delicious,SPA_1196ICE_7046Saigon, "Ho Chi Minh City", "SE Asia", motorcycles, motorscooters, women, owners, riders, traffic, "traffic flow","call girl", "working girl", prostitute, escort, "living off the avails", Bangkok, Thailand, "motorcycle taxi",PIX_6426NIK_9467NFD_0345NIK_9344"bridal Party", anniversary, Canadians,NIK_6495 copyIndia, farm, farmer, slate, "slate fence", "barbed wire", antelope, deer,IMG_8340NKN_1580NKN_1830NFD_9038 (1)

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